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Supergirl soared through the skies of Metropolis like a red-and-blue eagle, scanning the area with her X-ray and telescopic visions.  A number of people had been reported missing, last seen in Centennial Park.  The disappearances probably had a mundane origin that the police could handle, but then again, maybe not.  Besides, being a superheroine Supergirl had a sense of duty to at least investigate.

Huh?  What was an Indian rock python doing in the park?  Supergirl guessed that it must have escaped from the zoo or something.  Was it swallowing people?  She zoomed down and landed.  She went up to it slowly, trying to avoid scaring the snake off.  "You don't belong here, big guy," she said calmly.  "I'd better take you back to the zoo, or wherever you're from."  With that, she took the snake by the head, gently lifted it up and wrapped it around her body.  Being superstrong and invulnerable, she had little to fear in case the snake started constricting.

"But I like it here," said a voice.  Supergirl blinked as she realized the snake was talking.  Being a superheroine, of course, she'd seen all sorts of weird things, so a talking animal just made her arch an eyebrow with interest.

"My name isss Kaa," the snake spoke to her.  "Pleassse let me go."

"You can call me Supergirl," she answered.  "As for letting you go, I'm afraid I can't let you stay here.  You're a wild animal, and people might think you mean them harm."  Then a thought occurred to her.  "Hey, you haven't been eating people or anything, have you?"

"Asss a matter of fact...yesss," said Kaa.  With that, his eyes began to strobe brilliant psychedelic colors.

Supergirl may have been physically invulnerable, but it meant nothing in the face of magic or mind control.  Kaa's hypnotic gaze was all she could see, as the colors seemed to go through her eyes and into her brain, wiping out her ability to think clearly.

Within seconds, Supergirl was limp in Kaa's coils.  The snake licked his lipless mouth with hunger, then unhinged his mouth and began to swallow Supergirl whole and alive, costume and all.  Slowly, Supergirl was drawn out of Kaa's coils and into his mouth.

Later, Supergirl awoke.  "Ah, what a nice nap," she said with a smile.  Then she realized something was amiss.  She felt as if she was in a sleeping bag, only it felt all hot and moist.  Supergirl searched her memories.  The last thing she recalled was talking to that snake...

"He's eaten me alive!" Supergirl realized.  "I'm in his stomach!"  Anyone else would have given in to panic; fortunately, Supergirl noticed that her invulnerability protected her from being digested.

Now the only problem was, how to escape?  She could easily burst out, but she didn't want to hurt Kaa.  Then she felt Kaa's stomach convulse.  "Of course, I'm giving him a bellyache!"

Kaa was feeling miserable.  His stomach hurt miserably.  "I think I'm going to be sssick," he thought.  He began to retch, as his digestive system went into spasms.  He violently vomited Supergirl out.

"I'm going to need to take a bath and wash my costume," Supergirl noted as she looked down at her vomit-soaked self.

"Ohhh, I feel missserable," Kaa whined.  "I wisssh I were back in the jungle."

"Your wish is my command," Supergirl said with a smirk.  She grabbed Kaa, tied him into a boomerang-like shape, and gave him a super-throw.  By the time Kaa landed, the Earth's rotation would have caused him to land in the jungle.
For :iconkillshot1111:

Kaa (c) Walt Disney & Rudyard Kipling

Supergirl (c) DC Comics
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