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Sketch by HeySerdnaSketch by HeySerdna


Belly dancer Alexandra by Chronophontes

First, the bad news: Parts of the character don't look right. Her body is too stiff; she looks like a paper doll that came to life. It ...



Jonathan "Johnny" Tonnek was a soldier assigned to Afghanistan.  Also in Afghanistan was his high school sweetheart, Jennifer "Jenni" Maxwell, an archaeologist excavating an ancient tomb.  Upon finding an ancient lamp, Jennifer rubbed it, summoning the Jinn renegade Al-Ghol.  Jennifer asked Al-Ghol for information about the Jinn, and Al-Ghol transformed her into a Jinn on the logic that "experience is the best teacher."  Just before Al-Ghol could bind her to a lamp, Johnny hurled his Zippo lighter at the lamp, knocking it out of Al-Ghol's hand and causing Jenni to become bound to the lighter instead.
Now, he's a soldier turned policeman on the edge.  She's a beautiful genie with cosmic powers.  They Fight Crime!


Rank: Novice

Race: Human

Attributes: Agility d6 Smarts d6 Spirit d6 Strength d6 Vigor d6

Charisma 0 Pace 6 Parry 5 Toughness 5 (7/9 in flak jacket)

Driving d4
Fighting d6
Intimidation d4
Investigation d6
Notice d6
Persuasion d4
Shooting d6
Stealth d6
Streetwise d6

Cautious, Code of Honor, Gimmick (flicks lighter to summon Jenni)*, Loyal
(*Two Characters, but Johnny becomes GM-controlled instead of vanishing)

Arcane Background (super powers, Power Level Cosmic, 75 Power Points +5 from extra Major Hindrance), Attractive (free)

Money: $920
Gear: survival knife (Str+d4, Wt. 3, $50, holds supplies that add +1 to Survival rolls), flak jacket (Armor +2/+4, Wt. 12, $80), AK47 (24/48/96, 2d8 +1, RoF 3, $450, Wt. 10, 30 shots, Min. Str. d6, AP 2, Auto)

Bennies: 3

Powers: Summon Ally [effectively 84 Power Points, Modifiers: Device, hand-held (lighter), -2; Limited to summoning Jenni, -2; total 80 points]


Rank: Novice

Real Name: Jennifer Maxwel

Race: Jinn (formerly human)

Agility d6 Smarts d12+6 Spirit d12+6 Strength d6 Vigor d6

Fighting d4
Intimidation d4
Investigation d6
Knowledge (science) d8
Notice d8
Persuasion d6
Spellcasting d12+14

Curious, Heroic, Loyal, Pacifist

Arcane Background (super powers), Attractive (free edge)

Money/Gear: None

Bennies: 3


Ageless [1]
(Trapping: immortal)

Altered Form [3, Modifier: Requires Activation, -1; total 2]
(Trapping: body of fire/plasma)

Doesn't Breathe [2]
(Trapping: immortal)

Doesn't Eat [1]
(Trapping: immortal)

Doesn't Sleep [2]
(Trapping: advanced being)

Super Attribute: Smarts 9 [18]
(Trapping: genius - which is kind of a pun when you think about it)

Super Attribute: Spirit 9 [18]
(Trapping: enlightenment)

Super Skill: Spellcasting 18 [18]
(Trapping: instinctive genius)

Super Sorcery 9 [18]
(Trapping: tapping into cosmic power)
Jinn and Tonnek - Savage Worlds style
My characters John Tonnek and Jennifer "Jenni" Maxwell, done as Savage Worlds characters (using the Super Powers Companion).


Timothy Shanahan
United States
Journals / Personal

Today :iconjayko-15: encountered a note, this note is not the one you casually receive(like commission notes, personal messages, ETC.).  And I've seen it was also passed around to other deviants.
The so called note contained this message:
"Hey! I'm messaging you to ask for your permission to feature one of your works in AllArt4Ever's upcoming monthly list of featured atrists (i.e. artists to look for).  Awaiting your reply.
Also, participate in our contest to win a 12 month PM by installing the app and posting a screenshot. :-D…
Its a result of a collaborative effort of our group's moderators.
With love,
Megan Truff (MeganTruff)"
So if you guys received any of this "NOTE" please do not believe it.

This is serious guys, If you get this note, BLOCK THE PERSON WHO SENT IT TO YOU. Spread the word in your journals so that your watchers are aware of the situation.

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